Wrecka Poster
Gender Male
Personal Status
Relatives Mr. Lee (Creator)
King (Original)
First appearance
First Appeared Episode 29
Voice Actor Aldis Hodge

Wrecka is King's clone and a mix of elephant, rhino and hippopotamus. His lack of intelligence is made up by his immense physical strength.


Wrecka is bigger and slightly more muscular than King. He has blue skin and a horn on his forehead. His mission outift is mostly orange with blue and white parts. His shoes are also white. His dark blue hair is done in dreadlocks with yellow rings around the lower ends of them.



  • Cray Kingston (King) - Original
  • The Mu-Team - Allies
  • Mr. Lee - Creator


  • Wrecka is very strong. He can lift a car with almost no effort.
  • Later in the series Mr Lee gives him the ability to emit electricity from the horn on his forehead.

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