1-skeleton king part 1

2-skeleton king part 2

3-axel fighthing with paine

4-axel vs scorponok

5-last resort with alpha q

6-axel is spy with fly

7-satelitte with uncle pockets

8-galactic warriors part 1:axel vs megatron

9-galactic warriors part 2:axel vs starscream

10-memory with paine

11-landmark City with dragon

12-wormhole part 1:axel vs valeena

13-wormhole part 2:axel vs dark one worm

14-wormhole part 3:axel vs unicron

15-dismissed with doggie

16-Ali baba and the 40 show girls

17-golden age part 1:axel vs alchemist

18-golden age part 2:axel vs shuggazzom

19-paine's friend name is tidal wave

20-omega ranger

21-secret fashion with red alert

22-very big sleep with tommy and oscar

23-ghost machine is super computer

24-serpent's tale continious

25-kat manx team vs paine team

26-axel is final showdown

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