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Crey Kingston
Age 19
Gender Male
Personal Status
Occupation Lee Industries System Test Pilot (formerly)
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Duke Kingston (Younger Brother)
3 Unnamed Brothers
1 Unnamed Sister
Wrecka (Clone)
First appearance
First Appeared A Paine By Any Other Name Part 1
Voice Actor Aldis Hodge

Cray Kingston better known as King, is an animal lover and gentle giant. Even though he is tall and strong he only uses his strength to help his friends or his beloved animals. He also has quite adept computer skills.


King is an African American of about 2 metres height. He is very muscular and a little bulky. His head is bald, most likely because he shaves it, but you can see on his eyebrows and the small beard under his lower lip that his hair colour is dark brown. His eyes are green.

King's mission outfit is mostly white with orange and dark details.

He is often seen wearing dark blue pants, a white muscle shirt and a black and orange striped cap that resembles a kufi (which might make him religious/Spiritual). Another of his casual outfits consists of khaki coloured pants, a white shirt with black arms, the striped cap and orange-brownish shoes. He is often seen in his underwear: white boxers covered in orange stripes or Royal Rumble boxer shorts.


King is a very gentle and caring person. He is like a big brother to everyone on the team, mostly to Lioness. He is usually very calm and tries to solve difficult situations without aggression, but when he is angry one should better stay away from him.

His friends and family are most important to him, even though he sometimes exaggerates his worry for others (he treats his little brother Duke like a little child becausehe does not want to put him in any danger).

He loves animals and often puts their safety above his own. He would try to save them even though it would endanger his life (cf. "Revelation" [season 2, episode 2], where he tries to save the animals from Mr Lee's collapsing lair).

He enjoys camping and is a true expert on everything concerning nature.

His deepest fear is needing the bathroom, but only finding running water instead of a toilet.


  • Axel Manning - King and Axel are best friends and get along really well. They can rely on each other. King often tries to cheer up Axel when he is down because of matters concerning his father.
  • Lioness - Lioness is like a little sister to King. They spend a lot of time together and whenever something troubles her, he is there for her. He encourages her in difficult situations.
  • Shark - King and Shark tease each other a lot; that means either Shark is playing a prank on King or King makes fun of his teammate. Yet they are very good friends.
  • Hawk - King seems to be someone who gets along least with Hawk, though he probably does better than Lioness.

    King's little brother Duke.

  • Duke - King takes extra care of his little brother and wants him to be safe. That he annoys his brother with his motherly behaviour does not occur to him until later.


Computer SkillsEdit

King's computer skills are excellent and allow him to hack into almost every system. He is probably almost as good as Garrett, as they have been seen working together to crack a password in "Father's and Sons" (season 2, episode 18).


King is a professional wrestler and often fights with brute force. His physical strength makes up for his lack of agilty and speed.