Albert, also known as Flesh, was once a normal human who was a bodybuilding (he was as strong as King) thug who idolized Paine. He was hired by Paine to help him and Spydah steal Nutronium (a chemical that apparently could end Paine's pain) from Lee Industries. With the Alpha Teens' interference and the Nutronium not being where he thought it was, Paine threw a fit of rage. In his rage, Paine threw chemicals across the room he was in that accidentally hit Albert. This caused his body to mutate and grow to freakish proportions which also granted him super-human strength, far-surpassing King. While very initially angry with Paine, he reminded Albert who he idolized, causing him to regain his self-control.

Taking the nickname Flesh, an insult used by Lioness, he stayed working with Paine full-time. It has been implied that Paine was meant to cure Flesh after he took over Landmark City. Even before his accident, his barbells are his favorite weapons and as Flesh he is able to throw them with great precision. Sometimes they return to him like boomerangs.

Flesh has fought all the members of the Alpha Teens but usually fights King. In most of these confrontations he was usually beaten because even though Flesh is much stronger, King wins by outwitting him. At the end of season 1 he was defeated by Axel when he tried to escape with Paine and Spydah after they robbed a bank. He was arrested and sent to prison.

He appears briefly in prison in Season 2.

Flesh prides himself on his muscles and he loves being strong. He makes it clear in his debut episode that he doesn't like weak people. He doesn't like Spydah and he thinks that he's a freak and a weakling. Though Spydah implies that Flesh wasn't too smart before his accident, afterwards he says and does stupid things that often anger Paine. Like Spydah, he is often on the receiving end of Paine's pain powers when he does something Paine doesn't like.