Alexander Paine
Char 66220
Gender Male
Personal Status
Occupation Goverment Spy (formely)
Relatives Samantha Paine (Daughter)
First appearance
First Appeared A Paine By Any Other Name Part 1
Voice Actor Clancy Brown

Alexander Paine, or simply know as Paine, is an evil crime boss who seeks to take over Landmark City and serves as the main antagonist of Season 1.

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Alexander Paine long before the events of the show, he had his daughter, Samantha Paine (who would become Magness) He was also a former covert ops spy for the government, and worked closely with Axel Manning's father, Sebastian Manning. But one night, Sebastian discovered that Paine was a double agent who sought world domination. He came to confront Paine, but a bomb went off. Paine's body was badly scared and Sebastian Manning was labeled dead as a result. Paine was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Sebastian Manning.


Ten years after his incarceration, Paine broke out of prison to take over Landmark City from its underworld. However, the only one standing in his way is the now 18 year old Axel Manning. After a fight with him, Paine was expose to nerve gas that damaged his nervous system, giving him the power to transfer his pain to others through touch.

Throughout Season 1, Axel hated Paine for betraying and (he first assumed) killing his father, but at the end of Season 1, he found out Paine didn't kill Sebastian and was sent back to prison.

In Season 2, Paine was sent a picture and was frightened. He asked for bodyguards and as a result, Axel and his Team were hired to protect Paine. But Dragon kidnapped Paine. Axel rescued Paine and gave him picture of Sebastian and an unknown man. Paine said if Axel finds the man in the picture, he'll find the truth about his father.


Paine is shown to be ruthless, cruel, and short tempered. But he is also shown to be a bit caring (especially towards his daughter). He is also known to be artistic on the piano.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ever since he was exposed to nerve gas, Paine gained the power to transfer his pain to another through touch. This is called the Touch of Pain. He is also an expert Martial Artist as he seems to be able to hold his own against a fight with Lioness.


  • Axel Manning - in Season 1, Axel hated Paine for (he first assumed) betraying and killing his father, but in the end, Paine revealed that he didn't kill him. But Paine hated Axel for ruining his plans to take over Landmark City.
  • Sebastian Manning - Paine and Sebastian worked together as covert ops agents. But Sebastian found out Paine was a double agent and tried to stop him. But a bomb went off which supposedly killed Sebastian and scared Paine's body. Paine was sentenced to life in prison for possibly killing him.
  • Magness - Paine cares about his daughter, Samantha (aka Magness). He is also a bit overprotective of her, much to her chagrin.
  • Spydah & Flesh - Paine's henchmen whom he mostly gets mad at for their failure and stupidity which usually leads to Paine using the Touch of Pain to punish them.